Springs up! spots on the handkerchief


Not that much of a sunny day, but he was looking gorgeous!!


Memories from way back!

Seeing this video from The Selby it reminded me, so much about me and the Style Master.

Thats me with 3 and 6 years old, seeing that video it reminded me of the relationship that I had with the Style Master when I was very little. My mum and my dad would take real care of getting the 3 of us awesome outfits, I remember that walking down the streets they made photos of us 3, now I know that we even got into some magazines, dunno where those will be, would love to see them… The lower photo looks like if it whas taken just now but nop! That was looong time ago like what 20 something years ago…..I was wearing a tinny leather jacket, an awesome handkerchief and a hat we bought from AVIREX NY, the style master loves going to old war stores, and collect random military stuff, I also do! haha wonder why…

Oh memories!!

The Style Master is Back

Sorry about the delay in posting, the style master has finally returned from his glorious vacations.Yep a couple of months out there, thats how a retired rockstar/stylemaster rolls!!

Casual outfit, the cardigan is from Henry Cottons.This italian brand has its name after Mr.Henry Cottons one of the best golf players England has had, known for winning three Open Championships circa 1957.The style master as a golf player cant value more this brand, check their stuff here

Shoes and Socks

These are green,Tricker’s!

Its an English brand that taylor makes shoes since 1829, where the Royal English family gets there shoes done. See their work here:

My father got these a while back in one of his trips to London, as a kid I remember that my trips with the family where a bit different from the ones my friends had. My father wouldn’t take me to normal turist stuff instead he would drag all of us in and out shoes stores, fashion stores (man and woman), taylor stores and anything that had to do with fashion and design.

I specially remember that i got fascinated with the taylor stores, really small butiques, for man by man, all in wood and in the back…if u sneaked you could see them work with those beautiful suits. I always thought that was incredibly sexy, dunno if its because seeing crafty man is sexy or because those man where crafty while wearing awesome taylor made suits…

My Father and Penelope

Talking with my father about the good old days on fashion, this and that…I remembered one magazine where they made an article about him and the work he was doing by then.

Its a MAN mag nº39 from 1991.

The big title is “Penelope just turned 16!” WTF. I had a laugh when I saw the huge poster, I havent seen one like this for ages!!

Style master since 1940!

Lunch, Flowers and Siesta


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1. Lunch outside, it was a great day so we decided to eat outside. The jars are his old whisky, cocaola, beer bottles. They look awesome as flower pots!
See Urban Plant for flower design here:
2. Siesta, after a good lunch with white wine and paella my father is currently having a nap in this couch!