Este blog nació a a partir de esta foto, este es el brazo de mi padre, esta su camisa y estos sus gemelos.Nunca he conocido a alguien con mejor gusto que él. Este blog es un tributo a él, un personaje que siempre me ha sorprendido, que es capaz de combinar la rudeza de un hombre hecho a si mismo con un ingenio y una sensibilidad que rozan o simbolizan la genialidad de un grande.

No obstante todos tenemos un talón de Aquiles, el de mi padre, para desgracia de los que le queremos, es la tecnologia. Con este blog quiero presentar a ese personaje tan carismatico con sus gustos, sus inquietudes y sobretodo que seáis participes de su primera incursión en el mundo digital.

Gracias por seguirnos!


This is my father.

This photo was taken yesterday, at 2:00 pm, when he just arrived home for lunch.I came to talk to him about any other nonsense of the day and booom there you go awesome cufflinks.It Made me think…Who with 72 years has the balls, the caracter and the style to wear skulls and a tie and still look awesome?

And then it clicked, theres tons of blogs about young girls and boys dressing well and making photos of themselves. Tons, but there is none about a real man, with an awesome style and millions of things to say.

So why not creating a blog where my father explains his view in design,fashion and other stuff he is into? That works perfectly but… we have a little problem, my father doesn’t have a clue on how computers work and less what internet is all about. So here is the challenge, make my father boss of this page and get him to conquer the digital world!

Thank you for following us!


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  1. Beautiful site

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