Seeing this video from The Selby it reminded me, so much about me and the Style Master.

Thats me with 3 and 6 years old, seeing that video it reminded me of the relationship that I had with the Style Master when I was very little. My mum and my dad would take real care of getting the 3 of us awesome outfits, I remember that walking down the streets they made photos of us 3, now I know that we even got into some magazines, dunno where those will be, would love to see them… The lower photo looks like if it whas taken just now but nop! That was looong time ago like what 20 something years ago…..I was wearing a tinny leather jacket, an awesome handkerchief and a hat we bought from AVIREX NY, the style master loves going to old war stores, and collect random military stuff, I also do! haha wonder why…

Oh memories!!